Miningwatch Newsletter

Villagers scavenging gold in freshly dumped waste rock at the North Mara Gold Mine in Tanzania (C. Coumans photo).
As 2018 comes to an end, we want to give you just a few highlights of our work.
PNG women in Toronto
Indigenous women from Papua New Guinea called on Canadian mining companies to halt violence and provide equitable remedy.
Here's a small selection of highlights from the past few months!
Jacko Lake
An Indigenous-led environmental review panel rejected the proposed Ajax open-pit mine near Kamloops that would destroy an area sacred to the Stk’emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation.
Between staff changes and other pressures the newsletter's been on hiatus for a while, but we're pleased to be back with half a dozen important updates.
Zacualpan police - Presencia policial en Zacualpán
Police presence in Zacualpán
In this issue, we present a new staff member, Diana Martin, and major new work on the criminalisation of dissent, the struggle to ensure there are no more repeats of the Mount Polley disaster, and efforts to stop violent repression of local people at mine sites from Papua New Guinea to Tanzania to Guatemala – and to find them justice.
Jose Tendetza e hijos
Jose Tendetza with his children, June 2013
Another newsletter jam-packed with stories of mining-related abuses and triumphs, from Guatemala to Tanzania to British Columbia.
Former Canada Program Coordinator Ramsey Hart on CBC’s Power & Politics, one of many national news programs to interview him about the disaster.
The last few months have been pretty eventful… Here's our round-up of recent news and analysis.
Thanks to the "Spiral of Violence" report and a growing reputation, our web site is getting a lot of attention. As of early May, we'd had just over 10,000 requests for pages since September 1999. Visit to catch up on the latest news and publications from MiningWatch.The best press coverage we've had ...
Our web site is finally up and running. Pay a visit to to catch up on the latest news from MiningWatch Canada, consult our documentation, or look at some eye-catching maps of acid mine drainage sites in Canada. Since the last newsletter, we've issued press releases regarding the involvement of Canadian gold mining interests in police shootings in Ghana ; the federal government's billion-dollar liability for abandoned mines ; the visit of Indonesian environmentalist Anto Sangaji to Canada to highlight the risks around Inco's operations in Sulawesi; and the...
MiningWatch Canada has issued press releases regarding the environmental assessment of the Diavik project, TVI's activities in the Philippines , and the government liability at the Giant and Faro mines , as well as a joint release on the Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea (partly owned by Inmet of Toronto) together with the Mineral Policy Center and Project Underground in the USA and the Mineral Policy Institute of Australia. The Giant/Faro press release led to a major Financial Post article on September 18, 1999 (page D6), headlined Mining's Toxic Orphans Come of Age, and the...